In this period more than ever we need to reinforce our immune system and get extra energy, which is derived primarily from oxygen and nutrients. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is about providing close to 100% oxygen from purified air, which you will breathe with your body under safe pressure. When you breathe under pressure, oxygen levels build more rapidly and infuse the system beyond its normal capacity, reaching the areas where its circulation was previously diminished. With extra oxygen, our bodies are then able to heal and repair properly, resulting in several benefits.

We are the first clinic offering fully regulated private HBOT in London.



HBOT block the action of harmful bacteria and reinforce your immune system, helping every area of your body with extra oxygen for healing. It is an effective complementary treatment to help reinforce your health and to deal better with conditions and issues such as:

  • Low energy/mood
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Ruptured tissues
  • Surgical recovery
  • Inflammation
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s
  • Autism
  • Diabetic foot wounds
  • Cancer recovery
  • CRPS
  • Brain/nerve injury
  • and others…


Book your initial HBOT medical consultation via our website , by phone, by email or you can simply drop in to our London Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy clinic.

We then create a follow up bespoke protocol designed by a specialist from the HBOT therapies available. A medical consultation is essential in ensuring that you get the right course of treatments.

You will attend your course of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments while our expert monitors the results against indicators, such as energy levels, pain levels, quality of sleep, speed of recovery.

Finally, we will review the results from your treatments and adapt your HBOT plan accordingly with other services, thus leading us towards a holistic health plan.


Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy is a medically known, non-invasive & painless therapy that provides the whole body with higher oxygen concentration levels. Essentially, HBOT is about providing close to 100% Oxygen from purified air, which you will breathe with your body under safe pressure. The right pressure is critical to ensure that absorption is significantly improved and the Oxygen reaches the areas where its circulation was previously diminished. With extra energy, our bodies are then able to heal and repair properly, and you may experience improved energy levels and other great physiological benefits.



Our Clinic is fully Care Quality Commission accredited and we undergo all treatments under strict medical rigour, with an in-house team of experts, clinicians, GPs and consultant surgeons. Our oxygen plans are tailored to those who seek bespoke help under careful medical supervision in a regulated facility. It is very important for us to make sure that each treatment is safe and effective for you, even if you want to use HBOT as a complimentary service for your medical condition. If you want to request information on how HBOT can help your case, please contact us.





We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your project. Request your 1:1 call with one of our HBOT specialists to discuss your condition and what you want to achieve with this treatment.


When will I see any benefits?

It varies for every client; some might see benefits instantly, whereas it could take others a lot more sessions or until completion to experience benefits. It has also been reported that some witnessed results after four weeks of the ’40-hour protocol’.

Can I use oxygen therapy for general health and wellness?

Yes, our experts will create a bespoke plan after a general screening and monitoring your first few hyperbaric chamber activities.

Can I get the same effects by going to an oxygen bar?

Oxygen therapy is more effective than oxygen bar as it follows Henry’s Law, i.e., not only does it provide high oxygen levels but also pressurises the oxygen to travel deeper into the body and dissolve with blood plasma. The difference is in the delivery of the therapies. It plays a crucial role in experiencing many of the physiological benefits.

Can children undergo oxygen therapy? 

Yes. Our expert will create a bespoke plan for your children to keep them safe and give many of the physiological benefits. Generally, there is no age restriction for oxygen therapy.

How HBOT reinforce your immune system?

The oxygen therapy immensely helps with phagocytosis, i.e., the process of white blood cells fighting infections. It also stimulates the process of apoptosis, i.e., killing the old or poorly functioning immune or cancer cells. A necessary step for developing new cells, reducing inflammation and preventing chronic diseases.

How HBOT improves energy levels and tissue function?

The therapy gives extra oxygen to the body which is useful for increasing the cellular energy levels and critical energy levels for tissue repair and function. This has long term benefits such as opening sites in the body for generating cellular energy and giving extra energy to the body for managing intense functioning.

How HBOT reduces pain and inflammation?

Patients have usually prescribed medicines for relieving pain which exposes them to long-term and/or short-term side-effects. Oxygen therapy has played a vital role in this area by providing anti-inflammatory and therapeutic benefits. The flow of extra oxygen in the body significantly reduces swelling and acute and chronic inflammation. It increases the amounts of oxygen in the blood vessels which doesn’t allow unnecessary fluids in the vessels to reach injurious areas. It gives enough space for white blood cells to fight the infections and tissue generation. The therapy has also benefitted with pancreatitis, heart & cardiovascular disease (inflammation in the arteries), to Alzheimer’s and progression of cancer.

How HBOT promotes healthy ageing?

The extra oxygen from treatment is essential for producing new tissues and blood vessels, which fights the degenerative effects from the ageing process and prevents chronic conditions. For instance, some of the diseases it has prevented for the patients are Atherosclerosis, i.e., the narrowing and hardening of the arteries, brain injuries, heart attacks, acute and chronic inflammations.

What is the correlation between HBOT and sleep ?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is safe and effective for the treatment of sleep disorders. In Addition, the majority of our patients showed a significant improvement in sleeping quality and quantity after a few sessions.