COVID-19 Antigen test with results in just 15 minutes

  • Guaranteed Same-day results 
  • Test certificate included
  • Total accuracy of over 95%
  • Appointments 7d/week

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If you plan to visit your loved ones, you may want to know whether you have COVID-19, so that you can protect yourself and others around you. Our Antigen Test tells you if you have the COVID-19 now, with results delivered within an hour after swabbing, and same-day certificate. It does that by looking for antigens, which are fragments of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 disease. It is the quickest way to date to check if are currently infected. We also provide a Test certificate, which can be used as a Travel Certificate for certain countries where an antigen test is sufficient.  We do hundreds of successful tests every week, with impeccable track record and caring, reliable service you can trust- read our reviews.



You can book your appointment 7d/week, including weekends and bank holidays. Our team is available 24 hours a day, ready to assist you for any last-minute bookings.


We call you to share your results on the same day of your appointment. The test takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. We share the results within an hour through a phone call and release certificates within the same day.


Along with your results, we provide a signed certificate at no extra cost, which can be used as a Travel Test Certificate for the countries which accept an Antigen Test (E.g. Italy) - The certificate will be issued within 3h of your appointment. 


It goes without saying that all our tests and services are accredited and approved by the appropriate authorities including UKAS and Public Health England. Our tests are CE Marked and have been submitted to MHRA for approval inline with current Government guidelines.



Order your antigen test online now to reserve test slot. Our team will contact you to confirm your booking and schedule your appointment with a practitioner.


After your booking is confirmed, you will be able to come to the clinic to get swabbed. You don't need to bring your passport or payment details, just make sure you come at the exact time when your are booked for.


After the swab, we need to allow one hour for the results to be validated. You can either wait in the clinic, or have our practitioner call you and discuss your results by phone. Your test certificate will be shared on your personal web-encrypted portal, within the same day of your appointment.


Lateral Flow ANTIGEN TEST 

(Not for Travel)

  • Professional nasal swab in clinic
  • Accuracy 99.42%
  • Result within 1h
  • Ideal for peace of mind, family and events
  • Book online 7day/week (incl. bank holidays)



Rapid Antigen Tests are immunoassays, which test for the presence of the active viral fragments of SARS-CoV-2, which cause COVID-19 disease. They do that by using highly sensitive monoclonal antibodies to detect nucleocapsid protein from SARS-CoV-2 in the sample. The collected sample is applied to the cassette which has a solution that unleashes specific viral proteins. The solution is then applied to a strip of paper that contains antibody material that binds proteins of the virus. The results appear after 15 minutes on the cassette, similar to a home pregnancy test.

Each country has a different requirement, so once you order your test our expert travel team will discuss this with you. We encourage you to check with the authorities of your destination country. In most countries, a PCR test is the one required for entry, however, some countries accept the Antigen Test (e.g. Italy and Romania). Others require also a Fit to Fly Medical Certificate (e.g. Thailand) or an Antibody test (e.g. Morocco).

Antigen test (frequently referred to as a rapid test) detects protein fragments specific to the COVID-19. Turnaround time for results is quick, the results will be released within hours.

PCR test detects RNA (or genetic material) that is specific to the virus and can detect the virus within days of infection, even those who have no symptoms. Turnaround time is longer, generally in 24h-48h.

The Antigen Test and the PCR test are done on a combined throat and nose swab which can tell you if you have an active COVID-19 infection currently. They cannot tell you if you were previously infected. If you want to know if you were previously infected with COVID19, you can opt for an antibody test with us.

The sampling kits are CE marked (as per UK requirements), our Laboratories are UKAS/ISO/CQC accredited and our Clinic is fully Care Quality Commission licensed to provide diagnosis with excellent safety and care standards. The analysing equipment ('analysers') which are used to test your sample (Abbott, Siemens and Randox) are all from major recognised diagnostics manufacturers, and only UKAS approved SARS-CoV-2 assays are used in our Laboratories.

Your results will be communicated within 15-30 minutes after your appointment. As for your Test Certificate / Travel Test Certificate will be issued within hours after your appoinmtment.

Yes, we create bespoke corporate packages and provide you with the correct clinical advice on what/when/how to test for your employees needing to travel, and how to make it a really easy process not just for testing (with priority corporate account) but also for invoicing, billing and medical advice.

If you receive a positive result, we will discuss your next steps with you on the phone. If necessary, we are able to arrange a same-day video consultation with one of our GPs for your peace of mind, so you can discuss next steps. It might still be possible to fly or to move your date, depending on destination procedures.

Of course! If you are an NHS worker and needs to be tested by us, you will benefit from a £40 voucher and will not be charged the collection fee. Please note that to attend in Clinic you must not be symptomatic or a frontline worker.

  • By taxi - If you are coming by taxi turn into Sopwith Way, approximately halfway along Queenstown Road. Drive down to the end of the service road. Our clinic is the last building on the ground floor on the left.
  • By car - There is a secure car parking at Chelsea Bridge Wharf development, off Queenstown Road, south of Chelsea Bridge. Drive left into the car park and collect your parking ticket at the barrier. Passing the barrier, follow the signs for the Howard Building (furthest right hand section of the car park)
    • Directions by car from the north of Chelsea Bridge: Cross over Chelsea Bridge heading in a southerly direction and turn left into the Chelsea Bridge Wharf car park at the second set of traffic lights (opposite Battersea Park)
    • Directions by car from the south of Chelsea Bridge: From Queen’s Circus roundabout, drive north along Queenstown Road and take the second right turn into the Chelsea Bridge Wharf development car park at the second set of traffic lights (opposite Battersea Park).
  • By tube - Sloane Square (10 min walk) and Victoria (15 min walk) are the closest underground stations
  • By bus - 44, 137 and 452 buses stop outside Chelsea Bridge Wharf. Immediately on the south side of the bridge. Take the stairs or lift down to the riverfront heading towards the Battersea Power station. Our clinic is the last commercial unit on the right before the railway bridge.
  • By train - Battersea Park Station (10 min walk), Victoria (15 min walk), Queenstown Road (10 min walk)

When testing, choose the safest possible environment

When it comes to safety, we don’t cut corners. And for something as serious as Covid-19, a 'wipe surfaces, distancing and PPE' approach is absolutely not enough. We have spent two months researching clinically verified solutions worldwide for safe re-opening, and are proud to offer the best possible standard in Covid-19 safety, so much so that we now advise other organisations on this:

  • Strict and full compliance with regulatory guidance and safety standards
  • Dedicated testing facility, segregated from Clinic operations
  • Strict triage of each patient prior to admission
  • Strict distancing and PPE Covid protocols in place
  • Antiviral protection with total electrostatic sanitation before each test
  • Only non-toxic, eco-friendly virucidal cleaning methods
  • Non-symptomatic-only facility. Separate arrangements for symptomatic patients
  • No walk-ins, no waiting times, minimum time in Clinic
  • All staff triaged daily and tested weekly