Your preferred doctor available when you most need them.

The peace of mind and fast support you need (not just for COVID!), with meds dispatched to you on the same day.


In a time like this, more than ever you and your family need to be able to access a trusted doctor who will diagnose any symptom and give you the right advice. And you need reliable access to new, ongoing and emergency medication, at home, 7d a week.
Our online consultations are fast, effective and reassuring, and you can expect the same quality you always have from our Clinic and doctors. To make it seamless for you we have made arrangements with reliable pharmacies and a delivery team so you can get your medication delivered same day or day after to you

7d/week, same day
no hassle video, phone or home visit

New/repeat prescriptions
delivered same day

15 years looking after
our 30,000+ patients


The best support you need for you and your family. You can't reach us in the clinic so we reach you at your place with video & call consultations available 7 days per week. We aim to offer you the quality you always expected from our clinic, so we trained our team to help as best as possible remotely. In certain cases, video is required to undergo a proper consultation.


Book a phone or online consultation with one of our GP. The DR will issue a prescription (if necessary) which will be sent directly to the Pharmacy for fulfilment. 


If the prescription was originally issued under the NHS, register with CBC and provide your NHS number and consent to access your NHS medical records.

If the prescription was originally issued by a private GP or specialist, register with CBC and provide evidence of a previous prescription (private medication record, medication reports or copy of a previous prescription).

The Pharmacy will verify the evidence, and contact the patient to issue and deliver the medication to the patient's preferred address Please note the medications will be prescribed privately and have to be paid for, including delivery/admin charges. Payment is done in advance of delivery.